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Traveling with Young Children? YAS! DO IT! Here's your packing list.

Updated: May 16, 2022

Starting to go on adventures with your baby early gets you and your baby used to going on adventures. Then it doesn't feel so hard. Adventures allow for amazing experiences as a family and unique learning experiences for your kids. I highly encourage traveling with your kids.

With that said, the feeling when you realize you forgot something sucks! When it's something you forgot for your kid, especially if its something that will somehow impact thier mood or ability to sleep (comfort items, food, diaper cream, pajamas, etc), it's THE ABSOLUTE WORST! I rack my brain trying to think of all the things I needed to bring when we traveled. Of course you can always buy things. If you don't realize your forgot until you need it though: Ugh. Hopefully this helps you! Anything I missed? Leave a comment! (Printable PDF below)

  • 3 pairs of clothes/onesies for each day for infants, 2 pairs of clothes per day for toddlers and up.

  • A set of pajamas for each day and a few extras

  • Shoes - I forgot about these a few times

  • 10 diapers per day

  • lotions and creams

  • Changing pad

  • Baby bath soap

  • Sunscreen

  • 5 pacifiers

  • At least one silicone bib with a "trough"

  • Toddlers and up: 3 snacks per day of things your kid will definitely eat (can bring or buy there)

  • Infants: Bring a cloth to cover if breastfeeding - Even if you dont normally use one, bring one just in case.

  • 4 or 5 burp cloths

  • Breast Pump if applicable - Don't forget to consider storage in your different phases of travel.

  • Formula

  • At least two bottles per day depending on your access to wash them

  • Utensils for baby as needed

  • Sound machine - or have a sound app on your phone but the more you can make their sleep setting the same as at home, the better.

  • Comfort items - blankets, stuffed animals etc

  • Hat if its summer

  • Swim diapers for water if needed

  • At least 1 full package of wipes

  • Wet wipes or other disinfecting wipes

  • A few plastic bags or large ziploc bags in case anything gets spit up or pooped on while traveling

  • Easily accessible and easy to eat snacks for the adults while traveling

  • A few favorite toys plus a couple of new ones that you know they will love

  • Baby Tylenol - you never know when you might need it

  • Medications your child may need

  • Ipad if helpful in emergencies of meltdowns or super long wait times - normally I'd encourage you to find something else but when traveling, you have to be prepared for anything.

  • Chargers for all things

  • Nail Clippers if gone for more than a week and cut those things before you go! Pro tip:Do not get on a plane with a lap baby whose nails havent been cut!

  • Baby carrier - You could do a light stroller too but having your hands available is helpful.

  • Stroller

Heres a PDF of the checklist for you to print and make messy!

Travel Checklist
Download PDF • 115KB

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