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Staff Training Sessions

Supporting Quality Interactions

Quality Interactions = Quality Early Childhood Education. Understanding the milestones of development and using them to propel all your interaction with children is how we get them to the next level in their learning. Lets get together and talk through any and all aspects of this? Does your staff need to have a stronger understanding of the different skills within each are of development so that they can call upon that knowledge during interactions? Does your staff need support in making an interaction go deeper to get the child doing more critical thinking and communication by asking open ended questions? Do your staff understand how to integrate math and literacy into all aspects of the day? We are here with interactive and engaging training sessions that get real results! 

These are general concerns that often come up in early childhood classrooms but if you have something different or more specific, reach out and lets see how we can best support you and your staff. 

Staff Training Sessions: About Me
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