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We create powerful learning spaces that empower teachers, leaders, and families to practice skills and knowledge necessary to increase capacity and effectiveness with young children, as well as advance diversity, equity and inclusion. 

Our Clients Include
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Our Mission

Teach Reach Master Consulting is a national education and parenting consulting firm that provides customized and supportive early childhood training and coaching to teachers, leaders, and families of young children.  
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"Tonya is driven to ensure early childhood leaders and teachers are equipped with the knowledge and tools they need to provide the highest quality education so that every child succeeds, no matter their background. Tonya has the unique ability to meet teachers where they are and individualize their training by expanding knowledge through professional development and modeling appropriate, evidenced-based practices to ensure teacher development, growth, and success." 

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"Getting a more in depth understanding of strategies I've used in the past. I am able to apply them in a more proactive way rather than feeling like I am only responding to behaviors!"

Our Clients Are


We offer coaching and staff workshops/trainings for child care centers, public and private elementary schools, and other early childhood programs. 


We offer leadership coaching, small group/team coaching, workshops/trainings, strategic planning, and action planning support to directors, principals, administrators, and leadership teams. 


We offer coaching and consultation for caregivers to support harmony and productivity at home. 

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Our Founder
Tonya Kmetz

Tonya is the founder and CEO of Teach Reach Master Consulting, an early childhood education advocate, and mom.  

Well respected former center director and special education program director, Tonya began her career serving as a teacher, then director, then curriculum director and coach across several centers, then executive director over early childhood programs including managing all aspects of multiple centers as well as a city-wide early intervention program. This experience included opening multiple centers and piloting many different quality assurance initiaves. 

A product of 4 generations of educators, Tonya earned BAs in Psychology and Early Childhood Education and a MA in Early Choldhood Special Education. Tonya's dedication to and passion for the impact of early childhood education, supporting the professionalism of the field of early childhood, adult learning, and DEIB (diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging) are the driving forces behind her work. 

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Join The Movement!

At Teach Reach Master, we find exciting news about best practices with young children every day. Sharing that news through our blog is a key part of our mission to empower the village it takes to raise great kids.  

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